Welcome to ShrunkenTreasures. We are a family owned business and I have been building miniatures since 1974, I do custom items. you can email me for a price quote of most anything you want duplicated in the Barbie doll and Toner Doll scale. My name is Cheryl Cox and I lived in Georgia USA all my life. Below are some of the luxury rooms I designed and built for other clients. see the Luxury display rooms on the left side. If you have a picture of the room you would like in miniature just email me a picture with you order. Every detail will be done as exact as materials will allow. Below are just a few of the rooms I have completed


Size of 16 inch Model is 24"H x 24"D x 30"W
Size of 12 inch Model is 20"H x 20"D x 30"W

The Red Room This style floor plan can be purchased in all different elevations to the right of photo. Choose your wall color plus trim color, flooring in carpet, tiles, wood flooring

The Models #101stands over 3' tall and around 7' long and over 2' deep.

16" Dolls $750.00
11.6" Dolls $575.00

Wall Color Choice

Floor Type Choice

TrimColor Choice

11.6" Dolls $575.00